On the 18th October 2010, Penelope and Ben Crossman married in their newly constructed castle. Castle building commenced on December 2009 and took about 7 months to complete. Realistically it was just a funny shaped house but covered in stone cladding to give the appearance of stone. It still had all the mod cons such as air con and internet in each room. A time lapse video of construction is here.

Invites were sent out which were stylized and burnt at the edges. They were then enveloped and sealed with red wax and a 'C' letter stamp.
The wedding was of Medieval theme and everyone dressed up. Their was no sit down meal like a traditional wedding but roast meat was served outside. There were straw bails for people to sit on. Inside there were church pews to sit on which really changed the feeling of the castle. We hired a celebrant who we convinced to wear a bishop costume. Even our dog got to wear a goblin rider costume.
Outside we had various activities. A may pole for the girls. Sword practice, archery and tug of war. I play in a band so my guitarist Anthony dressed as a mistral and played classical music.



The ceremony consisted of warming of the rings, a sword ceremony where each of the wedding party would lay their sword down and say a line, a hymn which was the Black Adder theme song and an exit involving an arch of swords in which Penny and Ben walked underneath. You can see the wedding ceremony script here. We also had a red carpet to the stairs which led to the master bedroom in the north tower.


Check out some of the video highlights here.